UW-Madison Arboretum, Grady Tract
Moment of Zen
April snow

April snow

There’s no sense in moaning about April snow. This morning’s dusting was completely gone shortly thereafter. I snapped this on my morning walk with Luke. It was pretty while it lasted.

Monona, WI
Drive that fast

Drive that fast

You might look at this photo and think, “People are driving faster in Madison!” And I would say that might be right. But I made this photo on the Fitchburg side of Seminole Highway last night. Life comes at you fast in the ‘burbs.

“Let’s take a ride and run with the dogs tonight / In suburbia.” – Pet Shop Boys. I have these lyrics tattooed on my forehead by the way.

Those early morning hours in the park

Those early morning hours

Those early morning hours are important. They set the tone for the day. Good decisions — and good days — begin in the morning. Wake up early, but not too early. Take a shower. Dress. Have breakfast. Brush teeth. And prepare mentally for the day, whatever that means for you. That’s my basic formula for the early morning. It works for me. What does your morning routine look like?

A touch of fog in the park

A touch of fog

A touch of fog in the park yesterday morning in preparation for a warm March day.

If you see Luke and I on a walk, stop and say Hi. I somewhat jokingly say to people we don’t know, “He’s friendly.” And usually they say, “Yeah, we can tell!” Luke’s wagging tail tells the story pretty well.

10:15 Saturday Night in Fitchburg
Luke the Dog in December

December Luke

This is Luke on my living room sofa. I took this photo in December for no particular reason, but I thought it looked good on my Christmas cards. People repeatedly say Luke is “chill.” But maybe I mishear things, and they’re actually talking about January in Wisconsin?!

Photography note: Blowing your highlights is something you’re not supposed to do for a properly exposed photo. But knowing the rules and breaking them anyway for stylistic effect? Priceless.

Fitchburg firefighters, Wisconsin