NAMIWalks Dane County 2021 fundraising

NAMIWalks Dane County 2021

Friends, NAMIWalks Dane County 2021 was a huge success! To date, we’ve raised over $208,000, a new record. In a year when many non-profits are seeing lower giving, NAMI Dane County showed how relevant mental health services are now and always.

Thank you so much to the many people who donated to my fundraiser. This wouldn’t be such a great success without you!!

The walk was held on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021. This was my seventh walk as event photographer. NAMI Dane County will be sending out a link of my photos for everyone to view.

Such an amazing time! Our walk organizing committee is a cohesive group of 12 people who are helping to make the world a better place.

Thanks again to all of my friends! #WhyIWalk #MentalHealthforAll #NotAlone

Saturday Raking in Fitchburg

Saturday Raking

I had just started raking by a tree in my yard when I was interrupted by a phone call. I went inside to talk. After the call, my dog Luke and I came back outside to finish raking. I noticed someone standing in my yard by that tree and the leaves. It was a woman in her 20s wearing a summery dress.

Suddenly, she slipped off the dress, which was pretty unexpected. She was wearing a bikini underneath and heels. She propped up her phone on her handbag on the ground and started taking pictures of herself by the tree. Now, that is a scenic spot. I didn’t begrudge her that. I indicated that it was okay.

I continued my raking as the apparent Instagram star posed. She stayed longer than I expected. She wanted that shot. She tried out several different poses. I told her that I hoped the picture gets a lot of likes. She laughed.

Then the dress went back on. And she walked across the street to her parked car.

It’s not every day a young woman disrobes in my yard, but I guess today was one of those days. I got my raking done. #citylife

Selfie in Merrillan, Wisconsin
Volunteering with NAMI Dane County

Volunteering with NAMI

In addition to fundraising, I have donated my time and talents to NAMI Dane County as event photographer and as a NAMIWalks organizing committee member for the past seven years. NAMI Dane County recognizes my efforts each year as an in-kind donation, and this year, I’m a start/finish line sponsor. Join me in thanking NAMI locally & nationally for the vital work that they do. Thank you!

NAMIWalks Dane County - Keep the momentum going
World's Largest Strawberry in Strawberry Point, Iowa

World’s Largest Strawberry

My last visit to Strawberry Point, Iowa, was in 2018, and this time, I wanted to get the definitive photo of the World’s Largest Strawberry. This is for you, Hud & Elle!

Quietly, I found myself in Iowa yesterday. I say quietly because I only told a couple of people I was going. I had lived in Iowa for 15 years — four years in Decorah and 11 in Iowa City — and it’s always good to go back.

Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church, Madison, WI


My photos were my gift to Andy & Kristin upon the baptism of their baby daughter yesterday. I published 44 photos of the baptism and the reception. It was wonderful to read the reactions of his family and the Trinity family. What a beautiful day it was!

Marlborough Park, Madison, WI 2021-08-12
Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog

Mystery and Fog

Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog. Marlborough Park, Madison, 6 am. 8/7/2021.

When I saw the fog outside this morning, I made sure to grab my camera as Luke and I went for our morning walk. Do you like foggy mornings too?

Luke on a hazy, humid morning