Photographic innovation

  • 10 for Madison #1

    Wisconsin has beautiful scenery, and Madison is no exception. This begins a series of photos taken during the last couple of years in our city.

    10 for Madison #1
  • 10 for Madison #2

    Today’s scenery is brought to you by Tenney Park on Lake Mendota here in Madison. We have several duties in life. One is to find connection – with other people and with our surroundings. Another duty is to find the joy and beauty in the place where we are. Right here, right now. What beautiful …

    10 for Madison #2
  • 10 for Madison #3

    A bridge to nowhere or a bridge of hope? The future is ripe with possibility. Cross the bridge, and you will arrive at someplace new.

    10 for Madison #3
  • 10 for Madison #4

    Some days, we stand alone in the early morning mist — inspired, fierce, ready to take on the world. Some days, we linger in bed with a cup of tea. But this day — today — is your day, my friend. Make of it what you will.

    10 for Madison #4
  • 10 for Madison #5

    What do you do when there’s no lifeguard on duty? We are rugged individualists. We don’t need anybody’s help. But is that true? Sometimes, we need a lifeline. Sometimes, we need to phone a friend. Or it might be the reverse — your friend needs some help. It’s easy to get lost in the romance …

    10 for Madison #5
  • 10 for Madison #6

    There is something special about the early morning air. Its crispness prepares us for the day. The dew of dawn gives birth to the world once more. Today, we will remember to breathe. Today, we will remember to love. Because today is what we have.

    10 for Madison #6
  • 10 for Madison #7

    The sun rises, and the sun sets. The night is a time for healing. Our bodies and our minds are restored. Cutting short sleep means cutting short healing. Sleep is luxurious. It may seem self-indulgent. But sleep keeps us whole. Work, yes, and work hard, but then sleep, and sleep deeply, my friends.

    10 for Madison #7
  • 10 for Madison #8

    A friend said, “Optimism without honesty is denial.” A year ago, I decided that 2020 would be dry. I did that in 2016 too. Didn’t drink alcohol. It’s a hard position to take in Wisconsin of all places. But it’s the way I gotta be. I like the clarity. I like the peace. A life …

    10 for Madison #8
  • 10 for Madison #9

    These photos that I’ve been showing you are proof that beauty is all around us. I captured these images in Madison, WI, but also everywhere. All you have to do is look and see. Find your inner poetry to see the poetry around you. Take care of yourselves, my friends, this holiday season. I will …

    10 for Madison #9
  • 10 for Madison #10

    Being in a rut is good for focus and good for getting things done. But what if you broke outside the rut? There’s more risk now — in a pandemic. If you tried something new today, what would that feel like? A change of routine, a peek at possibilities. If you’re ensconced in your winter …

    10 for Madison #10