World's Largest Strawberry in Strawberry Point, Iowa

World’s Largest Strawberry

My last visit to Strawberry Point, Iowa, was in 2018, and this time, I wanted to get the definitive photo of the World’s Largest Strawberry. This is for you, Hud & Elle!

Quietly, I found myself in Iowa yesterday. I say quietly because I only told a couple of people I was going. I had lived in Iowa for 15 years — four years in Decorah and 11 in Iowa City — and it’s always good to go back.

Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church, Madison, WI


My photos were my gift to Andy & Kristin upon the baptism of their baby daughter yesterday. I published 44 photos of the baptism and the reception. It was wonderful to read the reactions of his family and the Trinity family. What a beautiful day it was!

Marlborough Park, Madison, WI 2021-08-12
Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog

Mystery and Fog

Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog. Marlborough Park, Madison, 6 am. 8/7/2021.

When I saw the fog outside this morning, I made sure to grab my camera as Luke and I went for our morning walk. Do you like foggy mornings too?

Luke on a hazy, humid morning
Tonight's moon

Tonight’s Moon

This moon is tonight’s moon. This moon is not like other moons. This moon loves you. This moon dances in preparation. For tomorrow is the full moon. But here tonight, right now, this moon wants you to know that love is real.

Jenie Gao in her Madison studio

Jenie Gao

A lot of photographers have subsequently made the same decision (I’m looking at you, Tone Madison) that I made on Sept. 14, 2019: take Jenie Gao’s picture in front of the shelves in her studio. Back then, it was a new studio, with contractors still doing their thing to outfit it. As she enters a new journey in work and life, I say, be well and remember the community, esp. the Trinity community. Best of luck.

We love bikes

We love Bikes

Up at 4, listening to Cocteau Twins, doing the work I do. A bit of balm for the soul. Good to see friends Ben and Liz who were volunteering for Ride the Drive in the park the other day. We ❤️ bikes.

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane

This sandhill crane came by and ate birdseed near a feeder I have in the yard. I live two blocks from Dunn’s Marsh, so I see these guys from time to time. Check out the video to hear his call. Loud!

Luke wants you to know