Daniel Stout, 2020.
Photo by Paulius Musteikis

Clear vision on foggy mornings

Like any young photographer, I spent time in the city taking photos. Over time, I was drawn to those city scenes that were mostly trees rather than concrete, shrouded in the mist of dewey sunrises.

Is it landscape photography? Is it nature photography? Is it documentary photography? It is not for me to decide.

Hi there. My name is Dan. I make photos, among other things.

My photo journey began in elementary school with the gift of an instant Polaroid Sun 660 AF. When I headed off to college, my father passed down his Yashica-Mat LM, a completely manual twin-lens reflex camera. Both cameras took square photos. The large viewfinder on the Yashica-Mat, in particular, was a great tool for learning framing and composition. Saturday afternoons my freshman year were spent roaming campus with my camera hung around my neck. A year abroad brought it around the Mediterranean.

Original life in the ‘burg

I live and work in Fitchburg, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. I setup my portrait studio in December 2021.

Friends have called me a Renaissance man, which is to say there is more here than meets the eye. I am a reader at heart.

The portfolio page has examples of the natural surroundings of the Madison area. I’ll be adding more portraits as I develop that practice.

Check out the Archives page to see what I’ve been seeing the past six or seven years. From Malta to Montréal to Minneapolis, it’s all there.

Now, what about you?