Daniel Stout, 2020.
Photo by Paulius Musteikis


My name is Daniel Stout. Most people call me Dan.


My work involves digital marketing (online advertising, social media, email marketing), photography, and web development. I am a communicator with an eye for design.


My photo journey began in the 1980s with an instant Polaroid Sun 660 AF. In 1990, my father passed down his Yashica-Mat LM, a completely manual twin-lens reflex camera manufactured in the late 1950s. Both cameras took square photos.


I live and work in Fitchburg, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin.

I love ownership, walking my dog, and summer nights.


Currently, I shoot with an iPhone XS and a Fujifilm X-T4, and previously, a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I prefer prime lenses (35mm & 50mm mostly). And just for fun, I play with an instant Lomography Diana F+.

Get in touch at daniel@danielstout.com.


For the love of whirled peas & cheese. Welcome to Wisconsin.