Madison Gas & Electric power plant


Daniel Stout
Photo by Paulius Musteikis

My name is Daniel Stout. Most people call me Dan.

I like ownership, walking my dog, and summer nights.

My work these days involves digital marketing (social media, email, online advertising), photography, and web development. I’m a communicator.


This is my photo blog broadcasting from placid parks and languid lakes. Stark, mostly natural settings with atmosphere is my wheelhouse.


Early mornings are a good time to take photos.


Most of the photos here I took in and around Madison, Wisconsin, the state capital. This blog has also featured Minneapolis, Montréal, and the Mediterranean island of Malta, among others.


These days, I mostly shoot with an iPhone XS and a Fujifilm X-T4 with a couple of prime lenses. And just for fun, I play with an instant Lomography Diana F+.