Month: December 2019

  • Handbells


    Judging by the comments I got later, our handbell choir played well this morning. We performed two songs today. I’m the one in the pink shirt. Our music director Wendy is pretty amazing and keeps us focused. Thanks to Jen for taking this pic.

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  • Elgin


    Never a dull moment. Today, I was over to Elgin, Iowa. I met some folks, took some photos, and had a good time. If I told you Elgin is between St. Olaf and Brainard, which it is, you might think I was talking about Minnesota, but no, it’s Iowa!

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  • Caroling on Atwood

    Caroling on Atwood

    We went caroling at the Atwood Winnebago Winter Festival tonight. We sang sacred and secular Christmas classics up and down Atwood, in shops, bars, restaurants, and out on the street. Our audience tonight even included Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. The first photo is a selfie that Deana took, and the second was taken by Terry…

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