Month: January 2022

  • December Luke

    December Luke

    This is Luke on my living room sofa. I took this photo in December for no particular reason, but I thought it looked good on my Christmas cards. People repeatedly say Luke is “chill.” But maybe I mishear things, and they’re actually talking about January in Wisconsin?! Photography note: Blowing your highlights is something you’re…

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  • Firefighters


    Verona and Fitchburg firefighters memorialize two Mineral Point firefighters killed yesterday on Hwy. 151 responding to a rollover crash.

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  • John and JoAnn

    John and JoAnn

    John and JoAnn asked me to commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary with a portrait. I was honored to oblige. It made a wonderful gift for their children and grandchildren. John was a pilot in the Navy and knew that finding time for a summer wedding would be difficult. So, two days after Christmas — 60…

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