Santo Spirito Hospital (L-Arkivji Nazzjonali)
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Santo Spirito Hospital

The former Santo Spirito Hospital in Rabat is home to L-Arkivji Nazzjonali (National Archives) of Malta. #Malta #Rabat #SantoSpirito #hospital #archives #national #Mediterranean #island #travel

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  1. Carmelo Galea Avatar
    Carmelo Galea

    I am writing to ask you whether you can grant me permission to reproduce the photo above showing Santo Spirito Hospital in Rabat, Malta, now housing the National Archives Malta. The reason for my request is because I am writing our family history, only to be copied and given to family members and perhaps some friends. My mum used to work there as a nurse at one time, though I do not exactly when, though very likely during WW2 and some years thereafter and perhaps some years prior to WW2 as well. I will of course acknowledge/cite my source as Daniel Stout Photography in Wisconson. Thank you for your attention.

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