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2011 Protests in Madison (gallery)

Protests in Madison, Wisconsin, on February 26, 2011.

Republican Scott Walker took office as governor in Wisconsin in January 2011. His legislative agenda was aggressive. One of his first legislative priorities was called Act 10, which he introduced on Feb. 14, 2011. The pictures in this gallery were taken between Feb. 18, 2011, and Mar. 12, 2011. The Act 10 protests in Madison continued for several months. On the weekends, there were more than 100,000 people in attendance on the Capitol Square.

Immediately after the introduction of Act 10, all 14 Democratic members of the State Senate fled Wisconsin to Illinois to delay passage of the bill. The 19 remaining Republicans did not have the required 20 members for a quorum. The “Fab 14” or “Dem 14” remained out-of-state for several weeks despite threats of arrest from Republicans.

Despite the public outcry and Democratic legislators’ attempts to block the bill, Scott Walker signed the bill on Mar. 11, 2011. Scott Walker won but at a fairly high cost. He was the subject of a statewide recall vote after enough signatures were collected to force a recall vote. He notably survived the recall. Subsequently, the Republicans were much less public, forthcoming, and transparent about legislation, which continues to this day

All photos on this page are unretouched images taken with a Canon PowerShot G9.

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