I’m the most virile man in the neighborhood

Here’s a picture of the front half of my driveway. This is my second winter on Nobel Lane. Without fail, when I go outside to shovel, the other men on the street see me out there and know it’s safe to go outside. I’ve always been a trendsetter that way. They come out with their snow blowers. I choose to shovel. I’m the hardiest, most virile man in the neighborhood.

After I finished my driveway, sidewalk, and front walk, I had power to spare. So I shoveled out two of my neighbors. The weight training I’ve been doing the past several months has been helping.

I’m not like those wussy men who buy electric bikes because they’re too weak to bike up hills. Those who’ve followed me a long time on Instagram know my biking mantra is “No hill shall go unridden.” I have thighs of thunder. My mantra in life is “Do good.”

Watch my power, ladies, and be in awe!

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