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Current mood: Wistful

Dan Stout in Malta

Current mood: Wistful. I woke up early on Saturday morning and took the dog for a walk before the neighborhood had woke. Then I settled in to do some reading, with Röyksopp playing in the background. I’ve been filling my time with good things. I’ve needed that. We all do.

This is me in the photo. I lived for a year on the Mediterranean island of Malta when I was in college. It was a unique experience. I’m glad to have friends from that time that I still visit, still keep in touch with. As we age, friends fall away. But the ones who remain keep us grounded.

So my kernel of gratitude tonight is for my friends. The one who was there giving me a kiss under a church table when I was 5. And the one who stopped by my dorm room in Iowa when he and his girlfriend were moving from Minneapolis to New Orleans. And the new one who just left her job so she could work closer to home and her boys. Like I said, wistful. Your homework for tomorrow is to contact a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. A phone call or video chat is best. Stay healthy & happy, folks!

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