Month: October 2021

  • With your generosity

    With your generosity

    With your generosity, may you in turn receive many blessings! After a late donation from Eric & Letisia, my NAMIWalks 2021 fundraising total hit $2,085! According to the NAMIWalks website, I have raised exactly $6,000.00 for NAMI Dane County over the last six walks. Much of that came in the last two years when I…

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  • NAMIWalks Dane County 2021

    NAMIWalks Dane County 2021

    Friends, NAMIWalks Dane County 2021 was a huge success! To date, we’ve raised over $208,000, a new record. In a year when many non-profits are seeing lower giving, NAMI Dane County showed how relevant mental health services are now and always. Thank you so much to the many people who donated to my fundraiser. This…

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  • Saturday Raking

    Saturday Raking

    I had just started raking by a tree in my yard when I was interrupted by a phone call. I went inside to talk. After the call, my dog Luke and I came back outside to finish raking. I noticed someone standing in my yard by that tree and the leaves. It was a woman…

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