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Saturday Raking

Saturday Raking in Fitchburg

I had just started raking by a tree in my yard when I was interrupted by a phone call. I went inside to talk. After the call, my dog Luke and I came back outside to finish raking. I noticed someone standing in my yard by that tree and the leaves. It was a woman in her 20s wearing a summery dress.

Suddenly, she slipped off the dress, which was pretty unexpected. She was wearing a bikini underneath and heels. She propped up her phone on her handbag on the ground and started taking pictures of herself by the tree. Now, that is a scenic spot. I didn’t begrudge her that. I indicated that it was okay.

I continued my raking as the apparent Instagram star posed. She stayed longer than I expected. She wanted that shot. She tried out several different poses. I told her that I hoped the picture gets a lot of likes. She laughed.

Then the dress went back on. And she walked across the street to her parked car.

It’s not every day a young woman disrobes in my yard, but I guess today was one of those days. I got my raking done. #citylife

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