Waste no more time arguing what a good dog should be. Be one.
This is 50!

This is 50

This is 50! Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate my 50th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a picture to remember the moment, and this is it. Have a wonderful week!

In the midst of darkness

In the midst of darkness

It felt like the right time for a picture of Luke, who is a very good boy. He was reminding us to have faith in the midst of darkness. Annie, Luke, and I walked down to the marsh this afternoon, listening to birds sing and frogs making their music. Remember peace, friends.

Raised garden beds
Annie in white.
Selfie, 5am
NAMI Dane County Gala 2022
UW-Madison Arboretum, Grady Tract
Moment of Zen
April snow

April snow

There’s no sense in moaning about April snow. This morning’s dusting was completely gone shortly thereafter. I snapped this on my morning walk with Luke. It was pretty while it lasted.