• To be able to lead

    To be able to lead

    Luke says, “To be able to lead others, a dog must be willing to go forward alone.”

    I got Luke the day before Valentine’s Day right before the pandemic. He’s my Valentine’s Dog. From the start, he was quiet and soulful. And a delight. He’s good with people, good with other dogs.

    I’ve wanted to share this tireless duke with the world, and now he has his chance. Please hit the Like and follow us at @lukethetirelessduke on Instagram for more dog philosophy and fun!

  • Great dogs discuss

    Great dogs discuss

    Luke says, “Great dogs discuss ideas, average dogs discuss events, small dogs discuss people.”

  • Zucchini


    “Is that a zucchini in your hand or are you just glad to see me?” Our garden beds are producing. Zucchini, cucumbers, loads of basil, and more.

  • Kickoff Luncheon

    Kickoff Luncheon

    It’s always a pleasure to shoot events for NAMI Dane County. The NAMIWalks Kickoff Luncheon was held last week at Vilas Park in Madison. Between the in-person event and the Zoom, there were 81 people in attendance. The luncheon kicks off the fundraising season, which culminates with the NAMIWalks event itself. It’s not that far off now!

  • Studio Experiments

    Studio Experiments

    After trying a few different backgrounds, my model and I flipped positions. She stood by a light, and I was facing back at her. There are a few tweaks I’d make to this image in a second round. The depth of field is too shallow. I shot this wide open with an F1.4 lens. Also, because the light source is behind our subject, she doesn’t have catchlights in her eyes. I suppose one could paint those in post but using a small light by the photographer might be the best route.

    The model called this her “Mona Lisa smile.” In the event photography I do, big smiles are always a great option. And the photographer sets the tone in that regard. People mirror what they see to some degree. In the studio, I’ve been using a more serious approach. There’s a fine line though. I want a steady, serious expression. But if the mouth turns downward, the image doesn’t work. So, the “Mona Lisa smile” is a happy medium. The expression is horizontal with a slight upturn of the mouth at the edges.

  • Portrait work

    Portrait work

    We warmed up over a series of 60 quick shots and then we stopped. I pulled up the last photo I had made and showed it to my model. We knew we had a keeper.

    Fujifilm X-T4 \\ XF33mmF1.4 R LM WR
    f1.4 \\ 1/250 sec. \\ ISO 160

  • The dog who thinks he can

    The dog who thinks he can

    Luke says, “The dog who thinks he can and the dog who thinks he can’t are both right.”