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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Today, I received a $50 AMEX gift card from the Wellness Committee at work for hitting my goals. I still have the $25 gift card from winning our cornhole tournament a few weeks ago with my teammate, our former CEO who retired in April. And I had 18 or 19 work friends over to my house last weekend for a housewarming.

For years, I bounced between jobs. I learned as much as I could at each and tried to make an impact. But it often felt like a mismatch between my skills and the requirements of the job.

After I left UW Health a few years ago, I took several months off. To sort this out. To think. And I landed on my feet. I found the path forward. And all I can say is that after many years of searching, I found the #bestcoworkersever

Did you get the hint? Certco, Inc. is a great place to work! We’re a billion dollar, female-led company doing great things right here in Dane County. And we’re hiring! #certcoproud

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