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Pandemic Haircut

Pandemic Haircut - Feb. 2 - June 6, 2020

I wanted to capture this moment. I don’t normally take photos of myself after a haircut, but today felt different. My last haircut was Feb. 2. Four months feels like a lifetime ago — before I had a dog, before social distancing, before George Floyd’s death.

I feel incredibly fortunate. I work with amazing people, even though I haven’t seen most of them in-person for 12 weeks. They inspire me every day. The past two years I’ve been doing the best work of my career. I continue to aim higher and dream bigger.

The pandemic has given us space to reflect and for me, a chance to do guided work on myself. I see what I want to accomplish, and I see what’s holding me back. There’s this quote I love:

“You cannot fix what you cannot face.” — James Baldwin

I think that’s really true. Is it irony to face reality while wearing a mask?

Love and peace to all my friends and acquaintances.

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