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This morning

Luke in Marlborough Park

This morning, Luke and I walked in Marlborough Park. We happened upon Homer, who is a big, white ball of fluff. Homer has the curious habit that whenever he sees us approaching, he lies down right there on the trail. The woman who owns him said that it’s his protest to her when he wants to meet other folks. Homer is a little stubborn.

When Luke is really excited to meet another dog, his tail goes in circles. Homer’s owner commented on that this morning.

On Wed, we were walking in the neighborhood and met a woman walking a Westie. That Westie was barking, but Luke was happy regardless. His tail was doing circles. The Westie’s owner said twice of Luke: “He’s a sweetheart.”

Last week, we were walking in McKee Farms Park. There was a couple walking with their two daughters and their young son. When Luke and I walked by, the boy exclaimed: “I love that dog!” He immediately looked up at his parents and asked, “Can we get one?” I don’t think the answer was an immediate “Yes.” We’ll keep working on them.

Luke and I love meeting the dogs and dog owners of Fitchburg. Anybody who loves dogs is a friend in our book.

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