Mystery and Fog

Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog

Luke on a morning full of mystery and fog. Marlborough Park, Madison, 6 am. 8/7/2021. When I saw the fog outside this morning, I made sure to grab my camera as Luke and I went for our morning walk. Do you like foggy mornings too?

Good Dog

Luke the dog at the Dane County Humane Society

Luke is a good dog, and I’ve got the certificate to prove it! We both had a great time over the past 6 weeks in Dog Training I Class at the Dane County Humane Society. The DCHS posted this photo on their Facebook page, and I heard about it oddly enough during a virtual book …

One week to go: NAMIWalks

NAMIWalks Dane County 2020

Luke the dog says, “Thanks, everybody! Let’s keep it up. We passed $1,500 at 3:48 am today (thank you, Harald). One week to go!! Give generously, folks.” Dan says, “Luke is smart. Listen to Luke!” Donate here: #nami #namidanecounty #mentalhealthforall #whyiwalk #notalone #namiwalks #namiwalks2020 #fundraising #mentalhealth #fitchburgwi #madisonwi #madisonwisconsin

Luke says…

Luke says he loves you and misses you.

Luke says that he loves you and misses you. It’s been a tough time, but he knows that good things are just up ahead for you. It’s palpable. He can smell it in the air! Have faith!

Mr. Compliments

Mr. Compliments

I jokingly call Luke “Mr. Compliments.” A little boy walking with his parents this evening told me, “He’s cute.” One day, Luke got compliments from 4 different strangers. Kids and adults both like him. He’s friendly and doesn’t bark. Luke loves people, and so do I.