In the midst of darkness

In the midst of darkness

It felt like the right time for a picture of Luke, who is a very good boy. He was reminding us to have faith in the midst of darkness. Annie, Luke, and I walked down to the marsh this afternoon, listening to birds sing and frogs making their music. Remember peace, friends.

December Luke

Luke the Dog in December

This is Luke on my living room sofa. I took this photo in December for no particular reason, but I thought it looked good on my Christmas cards. People repeatedly say Luke is “chill.” But maybe I mishear things, and they’re actually talking about January in Wisconsin?! Photography note: Blowing your highlights is something you’re …


Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church, Madison, WI

My photos were my gift to Andy & Kristin upon the baptism of their baby daughter yesterday. I published 44 photos of the baptism and the reception. It was wonderful to read the reactions of his family and the Trinity family. What a beautiful day it was!

Parents & Annie

Parents & Annie

My parents came down to Fitchburg on Saturday and met Annie. We had take-out from Tapatios, and I had ordered a red velvet cake to celebrate my mother’s birthday. My folks look pretty good for their age, right?


Rime ice at Marlborough Park, Madison, WI

Winter in Wisconsin may be cold, but it has its delights. This New Year, we’ve seen much rime ice. Rime ice is fog that has frozen to the trees. It is the Beauty to winter’s Beast.

Foggy Morning

Fog shrouded trees in a park

2 years ago today: Out early this morning taking photos in the fog. There’s a short period where the light is perfect, and then suddenly the mystique vanishes. It’s all about the timing. #bw #bwphotography #fog #foggymorning #madisonwi #2018 #august2018 #wisconsin #wisconsinlife #midwest

Madison PrideFest

Madison PrideFest

Thrilling to see Madison OUT at #PrideFest today! Pastor Andy and I and others staffed the ELCA Lutheran synod booth. There were over 85 vendor booths and a bunch of faith organizations showed up. #madisonwi #pride #gaypride #pridefestival #madtownpride #midwestpride #faith #love