Rime ice at Marlborough Park, Madison, WI

Winter in Wisconsin may be cold, but it has its delights. This New Year, we’ve seen much rime ice. Rime ice is fog that has frozen to the trees. It is the Beauty to winter’s Beast.

Foggy Morning

Fog shrouded trees in a park

2 years ago today: Out early this morning taking photos in the fog. There’s a short period where the light is perfect, and then suddenly the mystique vanishes. It’s all about the timing. #bw #bwphotography #fog #foggymorning #madisonwi #2018 #august2018 #wisconsin #wisconsinlife #midwest

Photo in Midwest Review

Photo in Midwest Review, Writers' Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

A photo I took of the Wisconsin River appears in the new issue of Midwest Review, which is a literary journal that debuts each spring at the Writers’ Institute in Madison. The editors paired my photo with two short stories that prominently feature water.