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  • To be able to lead

    To be able to lead

    Luke says, “To be able to lead others, a dog must be willing to go forward alone.” I got Luke the day before Valentine’s Day right before the pandemic. He’s my Valentine’s Dog. From the start, he was quiet and soulful. And a delight. He’s good with people, good with other dogs. I’ve wanted to […]

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  • In white.

    In white.

    Say ‘professional’ with a new LinkedIn portrait. Available evenings and weekends. My studio is in Fitchburg. Contact me to schedule a photo shoot today.

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  • World’s Largest Strawberry

    World’s Largest Strawberry

    My last visit to Strawberry Point, Iowa, was in 2018, and this time, I wanted to get the definitive photo of the World’s Largest Strawberry. This is for you, Hud & Elle! Quietly, I found myself in Iowa yesterday. I say quietly because I only told a couple of people I was going. I had […]

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