Month: June 2020

  • Madison Bikes Website

    Madison Bikes Website

    It’s always a good day when a website launches. Introducing the new Madison Bikes website! It’s at Kyle and Marybeth from the MB board organized and designed the site and moved the project forward. Ben and I did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work. My main contribution was extracting 300+ blog posts from the…

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  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad and to all fathers! This photo is from 1966. He was working on his MBA from UW-Madison at that time.

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  • State Street – George Floyd – BLM (gallery)

    State Street – George Floyd – BLM (gallery)

    A group of us from Trinity Lutheran Church in Madison made a pilgrimage to see the artwork on State Street related to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. What impressed us was the diversity of voices represented. Also look for the excellent portrait of the Obamas by Dane Arts Mural Arts. DAMA painted the mural…

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  • This morning

    This morning

    This morning, Luke and I walked in Marlborough Park. We happened upon Homer, who is a big, white ball of fluff. Homer has the curious habit that whenever he sees us approaching, he lies down right there on the trail. The woman who owns him said that it’s his protest to her when he wants…

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  • Pandemic Haircut

    Pandemic Haircut

    I wanted to capture this moment. I don’t normally take photos of myself after a haircut, but today felt different. My last haircut was Feb. 2. Four months feels like a lifetime ago — before I had a dog, before social distancing, before George Floyd’s death. I feel incredibly fortunate. I work with amazing people,…

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